When: Weekly starting Sept/Oct 2018, on week-end or Friday evenings.  Four 2-hour sessions per module. 

Location: Minneapolis

This unique introduction to the basic techniques and methodologies of sound healing will help you understand Naad (the qualities and effects of sound) in relation to your personal experience.

The course explores the history and traditions of raag (musical mood) within a healing context. The philosophy we share is rooted in the practices of Guru Nanak, who healed many using this ancient science of Naad. We share and discuss these concepts and take you to the level of becoming a basic healer in the field of Naad Yoga and sound therapy.

Prepare yourself for an exciting journey of self-discovery and healing through sound.


Module 1: Sept/Oct

The Body of Sound

Using sound to create physical balance

- Alignment
- Superhealth
- Vocal 1
- Rhythm 1
- Chakra cleansing with Naad
- Meditation 1
- Chanting 1

Module 2:  Oct/Nov

Sound and the Psyche

Exploring how sound influences our emotions, reactions and reflexes

- Listen beyond sound - Anhad
- The Naad of your emotions
- Vocal 2
- Rhythm 2
- Meditation 2
- Chanting 2

Module 3: Nov/Dec

Heal Your Soul

Bringing together the cleansing of Body, Mind and Soul to start your healing journey

- Sound and mood
- Express your inner Naad
- Secrets of Mantra
- Musicology
- Meditation 3
- Chanting 3


Introductory Healing Sound Course

This course was originally created and taught by Yogi of Sound Surinder Singh. 

It is held from time to time at other locations in the UK, USA and Europe. Check the Raj Academy site.