Find creative ways to communicate with yourself and others, using sound, words and emotions for a truthful expression at every moment.  Presents? Presence. Presence is in you- while the morning star that guides us all through, sings the song of laughter joy or sorrow day and night, throughout. 

Saturdays in December, 12:15 pm -1:15 pm in the Chapel at the Center for Performing Arts, 3754 Pleasant Ave #, Minneapolis, MN 55409, 18 $ online or $20 drop-in. December Pass $50.

Courage to face your reality (12/1),  Freedom to trust  (12/8), Love never ends (12/15) , Healthy Sleep (12/22)
In the longest nights of winter finding jewels in your mind,
Tinkling softly as your inner talk unfolds inside.
As guiding stars, among your words of wisdom, pain and courage,
Words of freedom, trust and love,
From the temple of your heart to the kingdom of your mind,
Spread their wings and sing,
as ancient yogic teachings take shape and meaning in your life.
What you live is what you learn. Through the yogic art of music, let soul and mind agree.
Love has no end. Join hands and voice -  sail free.
Mehar Kaur

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