Mehar Kaur has been sharing Naad Yoga since 2013. A physicist by training, she approaches the inner reality of meditative experience with a searching eye for sense and unity. Fluent in four languages, her encounter with Gurmukhi poetry and its fascinating resonance with the human psyche, has pointed her to the inherent oneness within all.  One of many gifts from the 4 year Naad Yoga Teacher Training with the Raj Academy in London and India, under the guidance of Yogi of Sound, Surinder Singh.  Mehar is member of the Naad Yoga Council and first shared Naad in the Twin Ciites, MN. 


Testimony of a Naad Yogi

Life is full of wonders and stumbles. Unlocking them is our learning path. I found out, crossing continents and cultures, that there is a simple way: listen to that, that belongs to all of them and none. When yoga crossed my path again, beyond the hatha of my early age, I encountered mantr'. Mantr', in a language, so distant from my mind, and yet so near, that I knew it in an instant. Mantr' travels heart to heart, a legacy of humans that have lived their inner song, fully unobstructed. The Gurmukh poem said  “simare”, and I did, somehow. Through a veil of tears came a primal memory. I felt my prison melting and knew that part of me has always been and always will be.

Work, commitments, family and friends are the school of life, to grow the mastery and knowledge, that come through Naad.  Always within reach, all you need is courage to overcome yourself. No shadow can be faced in solitude. Embracing the endeavors of a teacher, I share Naad Yoga so others may find peace and guidance in their inner realms. As awareness grows, so do I, with gratitude.