Do you ever notice that your breathing becomes irregular? It might feel like you can’t gather enough air into your lungs, your pulse might quicken. You might begin to feel warm. Breathing is a crucial element of our existence, yet we rarely notice it. Often the only time we become conscious of our breath is when we are struggling to regulate our breathing. HOW TO : REGULATE your breathing THE ANCIENT TECHNIQUE of Saas Giraas, the mastery of breath THE HEALTH BENEFITS of breathing exercises


Do you find it extremely difficult to express your needs to someone because you worry about being a burden? You would rather just keep this to yourself and respond with “I’m fine” then really communicate your true feelings. HOW TO: FIND your natural voice EXPRESS yourself truly and communicate your needs ARTICULATE your emotions your natural voice Express yourself truly and communicate your needs Articulate your emotions your natural voice Express yourself truly and communicate your needs Articulate your emotions

Rhythm of life

Do you struggle with time management? Shockingly, this includes the chronically early. Whether you’re always late, or always early, anxiety and stress are present. HOW TO: FIND your unique rhythm and balance MASTERyour timing to relieve stress UNDERSTAND why our timing is linked to stress


When we experience trauma, our brain’s defence mechanism is to lock away the memories. Unfortunately, this can stunt our personal growth and development. Confronting painful memories is the only way to grow from the experience. HOW TO: TURN your past and trauma into leverage RELEASE your denial LEARN why dealing is healing


Online meditation is always depicted the same way, legs crossed, eyes closed, index finger and thumb together. Meditation is so much more than that, the ability to truly and genuinely clear your mind is a gift. Imagine you could learn to clear your mind and let go the way you do while you sleep. HOW TO: EXPERIENCE true nothingness BECOME meditation


If you’re feeling down, you may go treat yourself to something sweet or maybe a manicure to lift your spirits. When you get home you feel the relief of your “treat” fading and your emotions regaining power. This is because circumstantial fixes cannot fix your deeper problems. HOW TO: UNDERSTAND the difference between moods, feelings, and emotions DRIVE your own emotions HARNESS the power of your emotions

Registration for the full online course allows for :

    - a free access to all classes and workshops except for the Naad Yoga Teacher Training
    as well as a 30% discount on the online course by Yogi of Sound.
    - individual exchanges with Yogi of Sound, Prof. Surinder Singh after each module.

The six modules are independent and can be taken in parallel, freely;  preferably on a weekly basis.  Group learning allows for additional individual and group support - currently meeting every other Sunday from 11am to 1pm, in Chantilly and online.

To register, please attend an in-person class or contact us.